Our Travel and Hotel Survey

With the unprecedented challenges that COVID-19 presents to our beloved hotel partners, we reached out to our top guests to get their thoughts on traveling in the near future. We received over 800 responses. Here’s what they said:

1. When do you plan to travel next?

2. What will be the most likely reason for your next travel?

For those who answered “Other,” the most popular reason for future travel is to visit family. Additional reasons given include special events like weddings or shows, emergency travel, educational tours or programs, and moving to a different state.

3. Rate the importance of each of the following factors when planning your next travel (1= Not Important, 5= Very Important)

4. Where do you think your next travel destination will be?

5. Rate the importance of each of the following factors when selecting a hotel in the future (1= not important, 5= very important)

We received a lot of feedback on this question – and the biggest concern, by far, is hygiene. Guests want to visibly see that sanitizing touch points are happening, whether it be staff wearing masks, the availability of disinfectant wipes in-rooms, transparency on how the spaces are cleaned and how often, or safety seals on guest doors.

In addition to hygiene, guests are looking for lower pricing, knowledgable staff, less crowding, and access to amenities on property like spa treatments and dry cleaning.

6. How many times did you stay in a hotel in 2019?

7. How many times do you plan to stay in a hotel in 2020 & 2021?

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