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Dad, one’s father, is probably someone you don’t want to hear in a band or watch in a music video. This “Dad”, however, isn’t like any you’ve ever seen before. Remember the Gorillaz? Well, think of 19-year-old Kei Wells as your 2020 version. The artist also records her feel-good tracks under an animated moniker, so don’t freak out when I say I want to introduce you to Dad. The virtual pop star is as real to her listeners as any human popstar. In fact, while humans mask themselves to look less real and more animated in every photo, Dad’s virtual persona provides real-world characteristics we can all relate to. 

Think about it: Do you know anyone on Instagram who doesn’t edit their photos? In this way and many others, Dad is more real by being less real. Even as a cartoon, she’s someone you can easily imagine running into, being friends with, hearing about. And like us real-world people, she also goes through breakups and channels her emotions into the music that she makes in her bedroom. Don’t lie, we all have a diary entry or song we once wrote when our first love let us go. 

Lucky for you, reader, we caught a moment of the artist’s time to find out where she goes when she’s in the real world, what she brings with her, and most importantly, what she’s listening to…

Flight route: Los Angeles to Tokyo

Your last vacation destination: The last vacation I went on was back home for the holidays, not very exotic but seeing family was so nice! Next vacation, it’s always been a dream to go to London but at the moment my wallet is saying maybe, New York? I’d love to spend a week just working the whole time with different producers and songwriters.

You never travel without: Melatonin! Can’t be anxious in the air if you’re not awake. 

Your best flight hack: Always show up early to the flight, bring wipes and hand sanitizer.

Your craziest travel story:  I haven’t really traveled too much but one time on a family trip my bag got lost and I had to share clothes with my mom until the airport could find it…I was adamant about not taking pictures on that trip.

Where inspires your music right now: Tokyo for sure, I love the energy and the creativity there. Definitely some California since I’ve moved to Los Angeles. A mix of what I’ve always known and the new surroundings around me! 

The Playlist:

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