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Swedish and Iranian. Singer and songwriter. Rhythm and blues and pop. Try putting Ayelle into a box, and you’ll quickly learn that she’ll break it open and redefine your labels every single time. The budding artist has always defied traditional norms. She has been writing her own music since, well, she learned how to write. Today, you will still find her putting pen to paper which saw her release a series of 12 singles in 2019.

Her music has touched moody souls in all corners of the globe. And Ayelle herself is no stranger to travel. The sultry chanteuse grew up in Sweden and Spain, moved to London to pursue her music, and now is making waves in her new home, New York. Naturally, we had to ask this woman of the world to spill the details on some of her craziest stories, flight hacks, and of course, her travel playlist.

Flight route: New York to London

Your last vacation destination: My last vacation was to Barcelona. I went to high school in Valencia and some of my closest friends there moved to Barcelona, so now I have a great excuse to return every year. My next vacation will be Bali this summer. It will be half a volunteer trip with the Heartsco and East Bali Poverty Project, and other half vacation with my mom who I’ve wanted to bring there since I went for the first time in 2018.

You never travel without: I used to travel so often that I’d have to lug around this massive suitcase and backpack which contained pretty much everything I owned. Now that I’ve moved to New York I’ll try packing lightly but some essentials include a polaroid camera, noise-canceling headphones, a fanny pack and some protein bars (when I get hangry it’s in everyone’s best interest that I have one readily available).

Your best flight hack: I give myself lots of time so there’s no stress. I also try not to get silly flight times like early mornings or landing super late, I always regret it when I do.

Your craziest travel story: I was in Thailand on a family vacation in 2004 and the tsunami hit while we were on the plane back home. A close call as we were staying in Phuket by the beach. It was one of my favorite vacations I remember from my childhood and to think of what happened right as we left still breaks my heart.

Where inspires your music right now: Anywhere in South America, I’ve been listening to a lot of Latin music lately and always carried a fondness for it since first hearing it whilst living in Spain. 

The Playlist:

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