Dessert and Drinks Before Dinner with Smith & Sinclair

What do you miss most about being a kid? Perhaps it’s naptime, or not working, or crying in public and most definitely, candy. As adults, we’ve abandoned many of these things we used to love oh so much. We always work, never nap, cry in private and started drinking our calories instead of eating them. But what if we told you not everyone has decided to live that way? That just across the pond in London, there was a company with a mission to make “Adult More Fun”. That company is Smith & Sinclair, and they make new ways to consume and create your favorite beverages with their patent-pending Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies, Alcoholic Dippers, Cocktail F.I.Z.Z., and Edible Fragrances.

In a city like London filled with serious adults, we tapped into the imaginative minds behind Smith & Sinclair to find out how they make adulting more fun. Without further ado, a guide on drinks and dessert before dinner with Smith & Sinclair.

Destination: Café Fleur in Wandsworth

via @cafe_fleur

Drink: The Wandle brewed by Sambrook’s Brewery in Battersea.
Dessert: Get the vegan pancakes topped with maple syrup, banana and berry compote.
Details: This place is run by the very cheerful Lucy Piper who set the café up on her own and has taken it from a derelict building to a buzzing spot. She makes all of her cakes and breads in-house, and her ‘healthy’ pancakes are unbelievable and super cheap. We love supporting local small businesses and Lucy’s is definitely a hidden gem. 

Destination: Cakes & Bubbles in Soho

via @cakesandbubbleslondon

Drink: Bubbles, of course! We love a glass of Paul Bara, Grand Rosé, Brut, Bouzy, Champagne.
Dessert: The Cheesecake is a cake that looks and oozes just like a whole cheese, and is flavoured with Baron Bigod Brie, hazelnut and white chocolate.
Details: This place is the brainchild of Albert Adria who was the former pastry chef of El Bulli–so you can imagine how insane and delicious his dessert is. This is for when we’re feeling really, really fancy.

Destination: Dark Sugars in Brick Lane

via Dark Sugars’ Facebook

Drink: Pitch Black Hot Chocolate
Dessert: Anything from the Liquor Cabinet
Details: OK so technically this isn’t a restaurant–but they make the most insane chocolates we’ve ever tasted. This place combines the very best Ghanaian cocoa with boozy chocolates like an Irish Whiskey Kiss or Coconut Rum Liqueur squeezed with quirky mini pipettes into a rich ganache. Plus they make their hot chocolate using freshly grated cacao and have the friendliest staff around.

Destination: HIDE in Piccadilly

via @hide_restaurant

Drink: Clockwork Orange cocktail with Starward Two-Fold whiskey, spiced orange, clementine, lager.
Dessert: Warm acorn cake, smoked caramel, and liqueur with Cornish clotted cream.
Details: Just check out their IG page and you will see why. This guy is amazing, his ability to mix ingredients you wouldn’t necessarily think work together is epic.

Destination: Soft Serve Society in Shoreditch

via @softservesociety

Drink: Matcha Tea
Dessert: Cloud 9 Sundae Cup with vanilla ice cream, berry candyfloss, Pocky, strawberry crunch, strawberry sauce, and popping candy.
Details: Because nothing makes Adult More Fun than ice cream. In fact, if Smith & Sinclair made ice-creams we would be exactly like this–apart from the fact that we would definitely have a boozy creation on the menu!

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