Get Wet This Dry January in Palm Springs

So you’re doing dry Januaryhow original. Although the fact that you clicked on this article does make us question your will power. Don’t worry, we’re not here to tempt your good intentions. Nah, we wouldn’t do that! Never. We want to support you in your trendy endeavor. And for those who have committed to dry January, there’s nowhere drier than Palm Springs. 

What do you do now that you’ve cut out your usual booze-filled itinerary? You get wet. For when you can’t cocktail your thirst away, this guide will provide you with luxurious activities that will keep you wet, and sober, this dry January. 

Avalon Hotel Palm Springs 

You’re having a self-love month. We get it. While you’re detoxing, nothing says I love you to you like some much-appreciated spa time. Avalon Hotel Palm Springs’ Estrella Spa has plenty of options to keep you hydrated. Consider the outdoor hot tub with shaded day beds, or the locker rooms with wet steam showers, or the moisturizing bathroom amenities that you can use complimentary when you get any of their treatments like the Deep Tissue massage. Just a couple of thoughts. 

Villa Royale

Your usual, not dry-January-self, probably pictures a pina colada when they think of pool time. But with Villa Royale’s three onsite pools, trust us when we say you won’t even have time to think about that drink. Float and splash amidst the gorgeous mountain views. Dive in, jump out and tan, onto the next pool, repeat. Better yet, even do a lap or two. No matter what you do, if you can still resist that cool cocktail, you can color us impressed.

Colony Palms Hotel

All that not-drinking has left you slim, that face bloating is now a distant memory. We just wanted to let you know, you’re looking fab. Since your face is fresh as ever, you should probably level up while you can with a customized hydrating facial at the Colony Palms Hotel. Indulge yourself in a full hour of pampering with this individually tailored facial—which naturally includes an arm massage.

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