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You’ve decided to spend a long weekend in Palm Springs. What’s the next decision you make? Our guess is you decide to ask your friends who have been to Palm Springs for recommendations. If they do this a lot they might send you an already-made Google doc. If they don’t, a 20-message text chain with things you have to look up elsewhere. If they’re truly in-the-know, they might already be on Benny.

Benny is an invite-only travel community from Sage45, the same company that makes sure this blog is running and that One Night continues to bring you last-minute rates at the best hotels. But don’t be fooled. Even though we have the same parents, we could not be more different. 

Benny is where travelers can apply to become Agents for a curated list of hotels. If accepted, these hotel lovers will be able to recommend their favorite stays on Benny. You may be thinking: Why would they want to do that? Well, every time someone actually books one of their hotel recommendations, they get a 5% commission. And as Agents, the power is in their hands to curate the Benny community. Only they have the ability to invite travelers to join Benny, where they then can access hotel rates that are exclusive to the private website. 

Benny photography by Aleksandra Kingo

Sound interesting? Well, it’s going to take more than a little interest to get on Benny. If you want to be an Agent, you’ll have to apply and be selected by a team of experts. If you want to access Benny’s low hotel rates, you’ll need an invite code from one of their Agents. If you don’t have an Agent or an invite code, there is a waitlist you can join on the homepage. 

We will say this: once you figure out your way in, you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it. Benny replaces the hours of research and endless tabs you undertake to find your perfect hotel. Forget all of the sponsored ads and anonymous reviews that you aren’t sure you can trust. Benny’s exclusivity and vetted travelers-turned-Agents ensure that you’re getting recommendations that are relevant, from people you can trust. So if you’re ready for adventure, you can officially book stays at any time in Austin, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs. Oh and just you wait, we have a feeling there will be new cities soon.

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