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Of all the things you’ve said about New York City, one that you’ve probably never had to debate was that if you’re looking for variety, there’s no better place. There are very few cities, if any, that can offer you an Indian curry, Ethiopian injera, and a Japanese omakase tasting all within the same block. And as much as New York gets touted for its diverse culinary offerings, the same should be said for the music scene. New York is like an all-you-can-listen buffet of genres from the underground to the mainstream. And no one knows how to do this buffet better than the multi-hyphen music man, David Garber. 

Photo courtesy of David Garber

You could have stumbled upon the DJ from his early stages as Wig-Wam, but there’s a high chance it’s because you’ve danced ‘til you couldn’t any longer at his roaming club night, Goonroom. Since 2013, Garber has taken Goonroom to all your favorite New York venues from Output to Rose Gold and of course, Black Flamingo. If you’ve been to a Goonroom night, you may not have recognized a single songalbeit you probably left with a few new favorites on your ‘Recently Added’ list. And that would’ve been the point. Goonroom is devoted to international and emerging DJs. The night gives them a platform to dip their toes into the New York City scene, often for the very first time. 

We caught Garber in between flights to find out what’s inspiring his music right now, his best travel hack, and lucky for you, dear reader, his coveted Detroit-inspired travel playlist.

Your flight route: JFK to DTW

Your last vacation: Israel. 

Your next vacation: Amsterdam!

One thing you can never travel without: Headphones.

Your best travel hack: Have your music synced. Does the Wi-Fi ever work?

Your craziest travel story: Probably getting evicted in Barcelona. That sucked. 

Where inspires your music right now: Oh man…Detroit…Berlin….(I’m nearing peak cliche levels as I type this)…Chicago…and NEW YORK CITY! There’s also some great stuff happening in Atlanta and Lisbon. Shout out to the world! Y’all are killing it.

The Playlist

  1. Moodymann – Tribute
  2. Scott Grooves – Expansions 12” Mix
  3. Kyle Hall – Create Your Own Existence
  4. Slum Village – Fall In Love
  5. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Ooo Baby Baby
  6. Marvin Gaye – Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
  7. Theo Parrish – Serengeti Echoes
  8. Mike Huckaby – The Jazz Republic
  9. Omar S, L’Renee – S.E.X. C.G.P (Constant Gardens Posse) Remix
  10. Plastikman – Psyk Original Mix
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