Press Play with Aquarium Drunkard’s Justin Gage

Picture this: you’re flying to Buenos Aires, window seat, of course. The pilot announces the begin of your descent into the city. You peer your eyes open from that red-wine induced coma, crack open the blind on your window, and see the sun rising over Argentina’s capital. You pull out your phone (obviously take a photo or two) and open Spotify to a playlist inspired by this very same moment, curated by none other than Justin Gage of Aquarium Drunkard

Justin Gage, Founder at Aquarium Drunkard, Music Director at Gold Diggers

Since its first day in 2005, Aquarium Drunkard created a place for the music-obsessed to discover emerging talent across all genres from folk to funk. Gage filled his eclectic audio journal with everything from interviews to reviews and set the standard for where the industry was headed locally and online. The site’s loyal following put him on the music map, and today, Gage is also the Music Director at one of our favorite LA stays, Gold Diggers. The chic Santa Monica boutique has its very own recording studio, where Gage can often be found with LA’s trendiest musicians. 

So for our first-ever Travel Playlist, where we get the industry’s finest tastemakers to curate a playlist of 10 tracks inspired by a destination they’ll be flying to, we asked none other than Gage himself. Plus, while we had his time, we couldn’t help but ask him just a few questions along the way. Without further ado…

Flight route: Los Angeles to Buenos Aires

Your last vacation destination: Tokyo/Kyoto

Your next vacation destination: Barcelona

You never travel without: A (physical) book, headphones, Bluetooth speaker, iPhone Smart Battery Case, and a notebook/pen.

Your best flight hack: When traveling overseas, eschew the booze and hydrate on the flight en route. And, if possible, sleep. Oh, can’t forget to mention global entry. It’s good for five years and can save you an hour at most airports/customs.

Your craziest travel story: I was on assignment in Mexico City for Mexico’s Independence Dayan epic fête. Our group evaded a massive 7.1 earthquake by mere hours. I later learned it shook our temporary living quarters to its core.

Where inspires your music right now: Mexico and South America.

The Playlist

  1. Devendra Banhart – Abre Las Manos
  2. Adanowsky – Me Siento Solo
  3. Sessa – Dez Total (Filhos de Gandhy)
  4. Ana Frango Elétrico – Promessas e Previsões
  5. Catavento – Lagartia
  6. Irmão Victor – Reflexões Navais
  7. Tim Bernardes –  Recomeçar
  8. Juan Wauters – Camdombe
  9. Juana Molina – Cosoco
  10. O Terno – Volta e Meia
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