10 Places To Practice Safe Sun With Solid & Striped

Thought summer was over? If you’re already mourning the loss of lusty, warm and long summer days, change that mentality. It’s always summer somewhere, and we’re preparing to soak up sunshine near and far all year round. 

It’s safe to say that no one does summer better than Solid & Striped. The classic swimwear brand needs no introduction, but just in case you weren’t aware, they are the brand notorious for their solid silhouettes as seen on many-a-celeb and socialite. They’ve just released a new suncare linefeaturing face and all-over sunscreen, that will protect that gorgeous skin of yours as well as the ocean with their coral-reef safe formula. To sum it up, they’ve got everything you need to keep summer going as long as you’d like.

Solid & Striped was dreamed up in the Hamptons beach town of Water Mill. Lucky for you, we caught a moment of their time to find out where they practice safe sun in The Hamptons so that you can hold onto summer even if just for a while longer.

Clam Bar photo via @pinoybars

Where: Clam Bar 
Why: Its an on-the-highway classic for alfresco seafood.

Sagg Main Beach photo via @magdaczarnul

Where: Sagg Main Beach
Why: The iconic Hamptons hangout.

Carissas Bakery photo via @gracebraak

Where: Carissa’s Bakery 
Why: A newcomer with the prettiest pies in town!

Duryea’s Lobster Deck photo via @duryeaslobsterdeck

Where: Duryea’s Lobster Deck 
Why: Pull up your boat (or your car) for fresh lobster rolls. 

Gardiner’s Bay photo via @screwball51404

Where: Gardiner’s Bay
Why: Take a boat out from Sag Harbor to Gardiner’s Bay for an idyllic swim.

Fairview Farm photo via @michaelblanchard

Where: Fairview Farm
Why: Grab your groceries from Harry’s local selection, and in the Fall head there for apple picking and corn mazes. 

American Hotel photo via @nycchriskann

Where: The American Hotel
Why: Perfect for backgammon and martinis.

Where: Happy Feet
Why: A local secret, they have the best foot massages in Sag Harbor. Make an appointment as it fills up fast!

Round Swamp Farm photo via roundswampfarm.com

Where: Round Swamp Farm 
Why: Go-to spot to prepare beach picnic lunches. Don’t miss the chicken salad!

Scott Cameron Beach photo via @alisondepetris

Where: Scott Cameron Beach
Why: Half bay, Half beach. Only in the Hamptons.

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