7 Questions at The Saguaro, Palm Springs

The Saguaro, Palm Springs needs no introduction. At least, it definitely doesn’t need one for those of you who haven’t been living under a rock. Whether you’ve been to the Coachella Valley or not, you’ve probably seen The Saguaro’s famous color-coded facade on your Instagram feed or in a round-up of must-visit hotels not only in the USA, but around the world. Aside from bold colors that can’t help but draw the eyes in, The Saguaro is synonymous for its wild year-round pool parties, irresistible tacos and tequila at their locally loved El Jefe eatery, an in-house spa, and, quite frankly, the list could go on for far too many words to keep your attention.

I would tell you more about this gorgeous stay myself but I figured why not ask the people who know it best, The Saguaro’s very own GM, Matt Sough, and Director of Special Events, Stephany Wilder. The dynamic duo that quite literally brings The Saguaro to life, took time out of their colorful day to fill in the blanks you’ve all had at the tip of your tongue.

In absolutely no particular order, we’ve got answers to seven questions with the inherently fabulous team at The Saguaro, Palm Springs.

What do you think makes The Saguaro unique? 

What doesn’t?! Everything about the hotel is unique. The Saguaro brings happiness to everyone who walks through the door. I have seen the grumpiest traveler walk in, and once they look up, their whole demeanor changes and they just smile. 100% The most unique thing about us, is our color!

Compare it to other stays in Palm Springs…

The Saguaro has been on the forefront of the resurgence of Palm Springs as a premier year-round destination since 2012. We have curated the top pool events in the summer, are the original Taco Tuesday destination in Palm Springs, and along the way become the most Instagrammed hotel in the world.  

What is the most extravagant event you guys have thrown? 

Our weddings can get extravagant and creative. My favorite is when we had someone bring in an Alpaca for a wedding shoot! Luigi the Alpaca was a hit on property, on camera and on social media! 

What do guests most frequently request?

I would have to say without a doubt our most frequent request is a specific room color. The color palate of the hotel comes from the 14 colors of the flowers that naturally grow in the desert. We matched our paint to these flowers. A guest then has the opportunity to choose from 14 different colors of rooms. Some guests love blue, some pink, some bold oranges and yellows.

What do you love most about Saguaro guests?

How diverse they are. One of my favorite things is watching the group of bachelorettes, the group of gays, the crew of older ladies who come from morning calisthenics in the pool and all end up coming together and celebrating together. Saguaro is a place that brings together all groups of people.  

What’s life like in Palm Springs?

Living in Palm Springs is like being on vacation every day. Instead of sitting on the 10 Freeway in rush hour I’m sitting in my pool watching the sunset over the mountains with a glass of rosé. Palm Springs has very unique restaurants and bars so if I’m not floating on a raft in my spare time you’ll find me there. One also may not know but there are amazing hiking trails all throughout the Coachella Valley where you can get up close and personal with our beautiful backdrop.   

What has been your vision as the GM for the hotel?

When I started at Saguaro, I outlined my vision in a simple 3-word mission statement. “Uncomplicated, Technicolor, Fun”. Uncomplicated meaning we’re easy to work with from booking an event to guiding someone through our extensive tequila menu. Technicolor by embracing the bright bold colors of The Saguaro palate and projecting this boldness in everything we do. And fun whether you’re here for a wedding on our lawn, or a group event in our meeting rooms with a view, or getting away with your best girlfriends, there is always a sense of playfulness when you’re at Saguaro.

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