Hotel Mixologists Spill Their Seattle Bar Secrets

If like us, traveling to a new city quite literally means drinking your way through it, you’ve found the right story. And if you just so happen to be going to Seattle (which since you’re reading this, you’re at least curious), we’ve got some big ole drinks in store for you. To set you off on the right cocktail path—sometimes with a twist—we asked our friends, also known as the best mixologists at our One Night hotels in Seattle, where their most secret and precious watering holes are around town.

From luxurious shots to cheap beer and many-an-old-fashioned, eat some carbs and get ready to soak up as many cocktails as you can handle with Seattle’s most in-the-know mixologists.

Palihotel Seattle

Cait Pfeiffer, Lead Bartender at The Hart & The Hunter:

Bar: Screwdriver Bar in Belltown, hands down.
Drinks: I love a shot of Tapatio 110 and a Stiegl Radler or their Harvey Wallbanger. Plus, you can play a round of the game Big Buck Hunter here too. It’s a great place for some loud music and fun time after a long shift!

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Seattle

Brian McFarland, F+B Manager at Outlier:

Bar: Pennyroyal is my favorite on my way to a show at The Moore Theater.
Drinks: Ask for a Fernet Branca and they serve it in a whimsical Lego cup. It’s a great talking point with the staff, creates a fun engaging conversation, and stays true to who they are. Plus, for some reason it makes Fernet taste much better.

Pennyroyal Photo via @joshsince79

Bar: Chan is a great hidden spot in Pike Place Market, definitely sit at the counter/bar area and get a great glimpse into the magic happening in the kitchen.
Drinks: The bar team is super-friendly and one of their best drinks is the Earl Grey infused Soju. Knock that back with some shishito peppers or Bulgogi sliders and you might have found heaven!

Kimpton Palladian Hotel

Travis Sanders, Bartender at Pennyroyal:

Bars: If I’m post-shift, I’ll grab a seat at Rob Roy and sip on an amaro while I relax and people watch. If I’m in the mood for a good classic cocktail I’ll head to Zig Zag or Il Bistro. The Gerald in Ballard is also great, let the bartenders get creative and make something special just for you.

Drinks: My go-to cocktail is a Negroni (on the rocks). Letting the bartender get creative with a Negroni is always interesting to me. There are so many directions to go with it. I feel it’s the most versatile cocktail out there. Every bartender has their own favorite twist on it.

Benjamin Harris, Lead Bartender at Shaker + Spear:

Bars: My favorite bars in Seattle depend on my mood and location. If I am in the mood for a cocktail and socializing I might end up at Whisky Bar, Rob Roy, Bathtub Gin, or Liberty Bar if I’m on Capitol Hill. If I want to tune out and drink cheap beer after a long shift and zone out it would be Shorty’s, Jupiter, or Al’s Tavern if I am in Wallingford.

Bathtub Gin & Co Photo via @bathtubginseattle

Drinks: Whenever I go to a new cocktail bar I am not familiar with I order an old fashioned. It is one of the simplest cocktails out there so if the bar cannot make one that is up to my standards I’ll stick with beer. So I invite everyone to order our old fashioned first and if you like what we made you then try some of the original cocktails created by our amazing and talented bar staff.

Hotel Theodore

Kati Fithian, Bartender at Rider:

Bar: Herb & Bitter Public House, it has an extensive bottle collection of Amari, herbal spirits, and antique bottles. Sit at the bar and definitely check out the sliding roof patio!
Drinks: Unexcused Absence (Absinthe never tasted so refreshing!) and the Wooden Nail.

Bar: Foreign National, a really intimate setting with cocktail-forward atmosphere and a giant disco ball, yes, a giant disco ball.
Drinks: St. Osaka #1 and the Spice of Life.

Bar: Rumba has everything tiki with an amazing array of Rum from around the world!
Drinks: Arrack Punch and the Corn n’ Oilone of my favorite classic tiki drinks of all time!

Rumba Photo via @moveandshakerco

Bar: No Anchor, a bar where beer is life and they’re known for ”weird” beer not just from here, but all over!
Drinks: Check out they’re rotating drafts and talk with the bartenders, they have awesome recommendations.

Kimpton Hotel Vintage Seattle

Leia Pecotte, Bartender at Tulio:

Bar: Il Bistro
Drinks: Zaya dark rum old fashion, it’s a fun twist on a classic cocktail.

Bar: The Blarney Stone
Drinks: Classic pour of Guinness and a shot of Jameson whiskey. This you can never go wrong with especially when watching a Seahawks game!

Bar: Sonya’s Seattle
Drinks: Tom Durchman does something he likes to call a Fast Eddy. Its Fast Eddy grapefruit vodka mixed with ginger ale and soda water over ice. It’s a perfect drink coming into a Seattle summer.

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