24 Hours in Seattle

Seattle is getting more shine by the minute and we are here for it. Perhaps most famous in our lifetime for birthing Starbucks, it is also casually the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix, home to Amazon, and hub of the grunge rock movement. Seattle’s cool nonchalance flies under the radar, but since you’re here and all, we’re glad you’re starting to take notice.

Known to many as The Emerald City, Seattle got its popular nickname from its lush Washington backdrop and the 6,000 acres of green parks within the city limits. Sure, Seattle gets a bad wrap for being rainy, but there’s a whole lot to eat, do, drink and explore—rain or shine. So bring an umbrella and stop whining about the weather, because we’re going on an adventure.

Sleepless in Seattle? Perfect. Here’s 24 hours worth of activities to distract you from your insomnia…

12PM: Farm To Table

One of the oldest and largest farmers’ markets in the country, Pike Place Market is an unparalleled collective of produce, flowers, food, drinks, crafts, and everything else under the sun (although it’s Seattle, so we’re talking figuratively about the sun). Go hungry and wander the endless corridors.

1PM: Soup’s On

If you’ve never had soup dumplings, Dough Zone Dumpling House is the place to try them. If you’re already into them, this place is your jam. There are five locations throughout the city, serving arguably the best Xiao Long Bao Seattle has to offer. The whole menu is delicious, but the pork and crab meat soup dumplings are extra special.

Dough Zone Dumpling House Photo via @doughzoneusa

2PM: Glass House

The Space Needle was built for the 1962 World’s Fair, inspired by the year’s theme “The Age Of Space.” 2.3 million people came to check it out back then, and these days it sees about 1.3 million visitors a year. Step onto “The Loupe”—the world’s first and only rotating glass floor.

3PM: Don’t Blow It

Right by the Space Needle is the breathtakingly beautiful Chihuly Garden and Glass. Master glass artist, Dale Chihuly, has notoriously pushed the boundaries of the art form, and the natural environment of this permanent outdoor exhibition adds to the awe factor.

4PM: On A Roll

While you’re feeling artsy, might as well walk next door to MoPOP. Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture was started in 2000 by Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen. Driven by “the thrill that comes from experiencing creativity together,” MoPOP’s immersive exhibitions are plenty and ever-changing.

5PM: Willy Wonka

If Charlie & The Chocolate Factory has a special place in your heart, then a factory tour of Theo Chocolate is a must. An hour-long tour will take you through the cocoa crafting process with an immersive behind-the-scenes adventure that ends in a toothsome tasting.

6PM:  Caffeine Fix

Head to Oddfellows Cafe + Bar for a quick bite at the bar before happy hour ends (3-6pm). You’ll find a great selection of $7 drinks and perfectly portioned plates to hold you over until dinner. Warning: once you taste the food, you might end up canceling your other dinner plans.

7PM: Slurp Slurp

Since 1890, the Taylor Shellfish family has been farming the waters of Seattle’s Puget Sound. Five generations later, they serve some of the Pacific Northwest’s most delicious oysters (among other things). We go for the Kumamotos, but there’s no bad bivalve on the menu.

Photo via Taylor Shellfish Farms Facebook

8PM: Top Chef

Seattle superstar, Renee Erickson, just opened her newest restaurant Bistro Shirlee and you can taste the 2016 James Beard Award in every bite. The restaurant is named after Erickson’s mom and the menu is centered around local, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients with an extensive and excellent wine list. Tip: start your meal with the burrata tartine.

9PM:  Yes You Can Can!

If you love a good show, head to The Can Can Culinary Cabaret. Daily shows at 7pm and 9:30pm (and midnight on the weekends) host a diverse array of Seattle’s best talent. From burlesque dancers to Broadway signers, the Can Can’s lineup does not disappoint.

10PM: Cookies ‘n’ Cream

Listen to your inner child and treat yourself to dessert at Hello Robin. We highlight recommend you go for an ice cream sandwich, made with your choice of cookie “bread” and Molly Moon ice cream.

11PM: Take The Wheel

Located at Pier 57, The Seattle Great Wheel is a fun way to see the city and get a little thrill at the same time. Each gondola seats eight, so take friends or make friends and enjoy the ride.

Photo via The Seattle Great Wheel Facebook

12AM: Feed Me

Avoid a hangover tomorrow and treat yourself to a bacon cheeseburger at Lecosho. If you’re not into meat, they’ve got an amazing cheese board with your name on it.

1AM: Take The Stairs

Tucked away on the stairs below Pike Place Market, Zig Zag Cafe prides itself in being among the pioneers of the classic cocktail revival. Highly skilled bartenders concoct expertly engineered libations in a low-lit, timeless atmosphere. Name your spirit of choice and they’ll take care of the rest.

2AM: Last Call

If live music is “your thing,” make sure you check out The Crocodile. There’s a great mix of local and national bands and a back bar that will serve you liquid courage all night long to alleviate your dance floor anxiety.

3AM:  It’s Britney, Bitch

The bars in Seattle might be closed, but Rock Box is all the way open. Take advantage of your drunk confidence and remind everyone why you should have won the middle school talent show.

4AM: Be Prepared

The only thing worse than waiting for your UBER at 4am in the rain is waiting for your UBER at 4am in the rain without an umbrella. It rains in Seattle 150 days out of the year, so come prepared and don’t act surprised.

5AM: Set Your Alarm

Grab a blanket and head to Queen Anne’s Kerry Park to catch an epic sunrise of the beautiful cityscape. If the skies are clear, you’ll even be able to see Mount Rainier.

Kerry Park Photo Via @iamjackedwards

6AM: Happy Hour

Head to The Five Point Cafe for Breakfast Happy Hour from 6-9am. Get two eggs, toast, and a side of bacon for only $3.75. Might as well have a drink while you’re there, because it’s Belltown’s oldest bar (circa 1929).

7AM: S.L.U.T.

Relax. We’re talking about the South Lake Union Trolley. Seven stops will drop you off at prime retail and restaurant opportunities. End your ride on the waterfront at Lake Union Park.

8AM: Hang On

Bouldering is trending. Get involved at Seattle Bouldering Project, where all levels are welcome and padded floors will cushion your learning curve. You’ll be showing off at Yosemite in no time.

9AM: Fresh Start

Start your day off right at Juicebox Cafe. Grab a juice to go or stay for a clean breakfast. You’ll be drinking by noon, so at least pretend you’re cleansing until then.

10AM: Lake Life

Pick your preferred vessel from Northwest Outdoor Center and set sail on Lake Union. The 580-acre lake is entirely within the city limits, so you can paddle your little heart out.

11AM: Mothballs

Seattle Antiques Market is among the largest collectibles and antiques dealers in Washington state. The plethora of 19th and 20th-century furniture, lighting, toys, clothing, signs, and everything else you can imagine makes this waterfront shop an antiquers paradise.

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