Take Home The Interiors at New Orleans Hotels

New Orleans isn’t like any other city in America. In fact, for the most part, it can feel like it’s very own country. Perhaps it’s because of it’s original Creole cuisine, or maybe it’s the ability to get cocktails from a drive-thru and then gamble all night long, but to us, New Orleans’ unparalleled charm lies within its uniquely appealing architecture and design aesthetic. A mix we can best describe as somewhere in between southern flare and French-European class.

The key to unlocking New Orleans’ aesthetic undertones? If you really don’t know what we are about to say, you should probably read this site more often. It is, of course, our hotels; where the best of New Orleans subcultures inspire every detail of their irresistibly Instagram-worthy interiors.   

Just because you don’t live in New Orleans (yet), doesn’t mean you can’t take some of their ornate and locally-made interiors home with you. So, as I do, I reached out to our New Orleans hotels to figure out how one can create their own slice of NOLA heaven at home. And boy, do I have some treasures for you.


Catahoula Hotels philosophy is the kind everyone should have in their own home. That being: keep it casual, cozy, and above all, human. Tucked away on a quiet side street in the Central Business District, Catahoula Hotel has become a sweet escape for locals and travelers alike who come to the restored Creole townhouse to cozy up and be inspired. Keely Williams, the fabulous owner of Catahoula who doubles as an architect, intended the renovations and furnishings to complement the existing historic fabricthe patina of the bricks, the existing wood-molding from 1850, the plaster walls and ironwork. Each and every material only gains character and adds to Catahoula’s New Orleans fairytale with time. 

Reclaimed Louisiana Cypress Cafe Tables by GoodWood Nola, the Enamel Tin Mug is by Falcon Enamelware:

Photo by Ryan Lopes

Black and white concrete tiled floors by Cement Tile Shop, and the Carved Wood Ceiling Fans are by Casa Vieja:

Photo by Carly Engelberger

Lounge Chair by France & Son:

Photo by Kali Norton

Fruitier pendant by Curry & Co and woven pillows from El Merchante:


Once a double-gallery townhouse built in 1867, Henry Howard has been reimagined into a gorgeous 18-room boutique hotel that has kept its history true to heart. The hotel’s interior designer, Lauren Mabry of Hunter Mabry Design, shares, “We wanted guests to feel the flavor of New Orleans around every corner they turn while at the same time having the opportunity to appreciate the rich history both the city and the building have to offer. We accomplished this by incorporating brass instruments and tongue in cheek artwork, historic maps, and a custom toile that has playful imagery and iconic figures including Henry Howard himself.”

Kathleen Fitzgerald of Two Studios custom designed the New Orleans-inspired toile wallpaper with illustrator Lauren Kolesinskas that you’ll find in every guestroom:

Hayley Gaberlavage, a former NOLA resident, created the artwork in each guestroom inspired by the hotel team. Doorman Design, the talented local furniture maker, created the custom iron canopy beds, branded with H’s for Henry Howard on the corners:

Mystic Blue Signs, a local sign shop, created all of the metal room numbers and hand painted branding on the front doors:

Nola Rugs, a local shop on Magazine Street, sourced unique rugs for each guestroom:


If gracious luxury is how you’d want to describe your home, you’ll surely be inspired by Windsor Court Hotel. Its original opulence is found through its French-inspired décor, and its rich style provides an elegant retreat that truly embraces the spirit and hospitality of New Orleans. While, of course, staying loyal to the history and luxury its neighboring French Quarter and the city at large are known for.

From Windsor Court’s ivy-covered courtyard walls to the signature display of 12 dozen long-stem roses in the lobby and the Sansevieria plants in every guestroom, you simply can’t resist the lush greenery found here. Local partners, Dunn & Sonnier, are the key to tying it all together. At their shop on the ever-popular Magazine Street, visitors can not only find similar plants, but also the vases and planters that are used through Windsor Court as well:

A selection of vases at the hotel, like this antique Mason’s Ironstone Bowl in which the roses are displayed, are one-of-a-kind pieces that are part of the hotel’s $10M+ art collection. Dunn & Sonnier has a variety of other antiques in similar styles that are available for purchase:

If you love the toile textiles featured throughout, New Orleans-specific options are available at Hazelnut New Orleans, a Magazine Street shopping staple:

The Task Floor Lamps in each guestroom are from Restoration Hardware–they typically have a variety of styles to choose from, and the selection of other accessories–including barware–can be found at Arteriors:

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