Adventures in Speed Dating, Part 1

Oh, you busy New Yorkers! Who has time to date in between meetings and morning workouts? We know the feeling all too well. You move to New York, throw yourself into the dating pool, experience one too many ‘oh hell no’ dates, and inevitably end up turning your job into your relationship. “I’ll never date in this city again,” you’ve presumably said. Which is why at our own volition, we decided to host our very first speed dating event, One Night in Two Minutes, at The Hoxton, Williamsburg. That’s right, we figured if we brought some of the cities finest singles together, we could give dating the justice it deserves. And well, some pretty interesting things happened.

We had over 300 applicants of all sexual orientations fill out a series of questions, and based on responses, we curated a select group of singles to speed date. The last question, asked each applicant to share a snippet of the craziest dates they had ever been on. People told me of their journeys to far-flung cities to meet their digital lovers for the first time, some had serendipitous encounters on the streets of Bali, and others experienced some pretty wild nights in gazebos in Hong Kong. All signs led us to believe, the craziest nights do happen when they’re unplanned.

I’ll be sharing ten could’ve been love stories from our applicants right here each week. So let’s get going, find out what happened when some of New York’s most discerning daters shared their most spontaneous dates…

Female, 28

“I went on a date with a guy who went into great detail about how he was born and raised into a Rastafarian cult three days before Valentine’s Day one year.”

Male, 25

“It was the second date I had scheduled for the night (I often used to double book). We met at a disgusting bar on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, I hated it and convinced him to take a walk on the beach. He was really hot and we decided to skinny dip under the moon. We swim and made out in the waves, made out on the lifeguard shack a little more, put our clothes on–and then I drove him to the nightclub his friends were at, dropped him off and I went to bed. We dated for a year.”

Female, 29

“Date’s are boring. I like spontaneity. The wildest times happen randomly. Sex in a gazebo in the middle of Hong Kong was cool though.”

Male, 34

“The date itself was not crazy, but the scenario that brought us together was surreal. I was on a long flight from Istanbul to Jakarta (on my way to Bali). On the flight, I had a short but interesting conversation with one of the flight attendants. She had a warm personality and wonderful smile. I wanted to say goodbye to her as I exited the plane but she was occupied with her duties. Three days later I’m walking on the streets of Bali and I ran into her. We chatted for a minute or so then continued on our ways. Immediately, I regretted not getting her number. She was very cute, seemed awesome, and the chances of us running into each other thousands of miles from the flight just seemed too random to be true. The stars felt like they had aligned. But I missed my chance! I got back to my house and checked my email for the first time in three days. I’m scrolling through and stop dead in my tracks. I see an email from three days prior from someone named Maya. I don’t know any Mayas…Who could it be? I open the email and Maya IS THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT. The one who I just ran into on the street. The one who I was like “damn, I should have got her number.” After the flight, she had broken every passenger confidentiality rule in the book and looked me up in the passenger flight log to get my information to tell me she loved meeting me and wish me well on my trip. I emailed her right away. We exchanged numbers. Five days later she flew back to Bali from Jakarta and we had a wonderful night filled with great wine, pizza, conversation and perhaps a sleepover. I’ve never had a situation like this before, and don’t know that I ever will again. But it just felt like the universe wanted us to meet.”

Female, 27

“Cat-fished: App Promised 38-year-old Music Industry Executive. Delivered: 48-year-old drug dealer who was still technically married to a 19-year-old.”

Male, 29

“Was on a first date with a girl at a nice cocktail spot. After a couple of drinks, she asks if I know of a good strip club. We proceed to the strip club, where she makes out with two strippers. We end up bringing one back home. Wild night ensued. Best Monday night in a while.”

Female, 28

“Had a very nice dinner date with an older European gentleman who carried a purse. I asked what he kept in there and he said he’d only show me if I showed him what was in mine. His purse contained 6 different vibrators. Mine contained a hatchet a friend insisted I took. Surprisingly he still invited me back to his place 🤪”

Male, 27

“Met a guy at a bar for a date. His ex-boyfriend walked in and they left together.”

Female, 23

“Got high with a guy and went to a theatre where we listened to the whole album of Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ in complete pitch black darkness. And then we got pasta and walked around Buenos Aries, Argentina for hours.”

Male, 39

“She walks in, asks for a drink, sexy dress crossed legs but talks little. I have an open tab at the bar, I go to the bathroom and she goes to the bar and disappears. I look around when I’m back from the bathroom and notice she’s gone baby gone. Then I go to the bar to cash out, and the bartender says my wife signed the bill, took my card and told him I would tip cash. I hadn’t been to that bartender ever. The next day bank tells me hello you are minus $2k. It was ok, they tracked more transactions and I didn’t lose the $, but gained a wild story.”

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