Boston’s Concierges Share Their Restaurant Secrets

You’re probably here because you’re planning a trip to Boston. First of all, good on you! But before we get started, we wanted to serve you some information straight up. If you’re going to Boston, bring your stretchy pants (don’t kid yourself, we all have a pair), because there’s a whole lot of eating for us to do. You know the saying: eat, sleep, repeat? In Boston, it’s more like: eat, eat repeat. And we’re here for it.

While the city abounds with clam chowder and lobster rolls on every corner, we want you to eat your way through Boston as only a true insider could. That’s why we tapped into three of our favorite local hotels and asked them to spill the hidden gems they hold so dear, they would in any other circumstance, keep to themselves.

Here’s what we find out when Boston hotels shared their coveted restaurant secrets.


Tom Giannino’s Secrets: Caffe Vittoria in the North End is usually looked over because it is right next to the more well-known Mike’s and Modern Pastry, but this place will not disappoint. Best time to go is after dinner around 7:00 PM. They have amazing cannolis and lobster tails.”

Caffe Vittoria photo via @noodles.and.noggins

Theo’s Cozy Corner is a tiny breakfast place in the North End with a mix of Italian and Brazilian cuisine. Best time to go is as early as possible as there is not a lot of space. It opens at 6:00 AM and closes at 3:00 PM. I always get The Big Boy–3 eggs any style, 3 slices of bacon, 3 sausage links, 3 pancakes, and toast for $10.95.”

The Revolution Hotel

Rachel Charles’ Secret:El Centro, it’s the best taco deal in town!”

Emily Humphrey’s Secret:Mike & Patty’s may only be able to fit 5 people in the store at once, but the sandwiches are worth it! They will satisfy your morning craving for a delicious breakfast sandwich or act as a lunchtime escape from the office.”

Mike & Patty’s photo via Mike & Patty’s FB

The Lenox Hotel

Casey Hanson’s Secret: Yvonne’s in the former Locke Ober space, is a speakeasy-style restaurant hidden behind what appears to be a blow-dry salon. They offer a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere with a menu to match. Open for dinner 7 days a week, reservations are strongly encouraged. Sundays and Mondays tend to be quieter nights. Must-have menu items: Crispy Tater Tots, Chicken & Quinoa Meatballs, Tico Tuna Crudo and my personal favorite: Niman Ranch Long Bone Ribeye Feast.

Stephanie Sgroi’s Secrets: K.O. Pies is the first Australian-inspired food business in New England, and just so happens to be located in East Boston at the Shipyard and Marina. They are open from 12 PM-9 PM, Wednesday-Sunday, and I would recommend dining at lunch. It’s a casual, counter service restaurant, with indoor and covered outdoor seating and features some local craft brews. Some of my favorites include the Irish Beef Stew Pie, Sausage Roll, Wok tossed salt and pepper wings, Chickpea Salad and the Anzac biscuits.”  

K.O. Pies photo via @mochifm

Picco, found in the South End and abbreviated as Pizza and Ice Cream Company features a seasonal menu with fresh salads, homemade mac and cheese, tasty carnitas tacos, and delicious pizza! Save room for dessert and enjoy their freshly made ice cream, or share a brownie sundae. Great for lunch and dinner, it’s casual and family friendly.”

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