Boy In The Night

You in the neon lights
Are you purple or green?
You stand there vacuous and sheen
What more can you delight?
You greet me with eyes so bright
What plight might you hide?
Spring is here, the night has less to fear
Is there gold in your sight?
Something bold, something bright

Boy in the neon lights
You beam me with green eyes
You settle on the night sky
I follow and oh I do comply
All your sighs weigh in my delight
Your hands greet me
Tell me, does the night end in glee?

Oh boy in the night
Only you in my sight
Where were you before this?
This is our belated bliss
Can I stay till the morrow?
Alas, one final sigh
Bearing strange fruit, I could not suit
Is this your plight in the heat of our night?
That gold in your sight

I am the seeker and the truth
It wouldn’t have mattered where
You fill the air with sweetness only I can bare

Words by Zane Gan

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