Introducing Hotel Truths, Winter Dares

Ah, winter. We look forward to hot cocoa by the fireside and those first flurries all year, but if we’re anything alike, the magic of it wears off quite quickly. After the first snow comes shoe-ruining slush, and after too many hot cocoas, comes that inevitable winter body. We’re soon confined to our couches binging Friends once again and remembering our social summer selves, sigh.

This year, however, we’ve decided to do things a little differently. We talked to our favorite hotels in Chicago to launch our new winter game, Hotel Truths, Winter Dares. Here’s how it works: each hotel reveals a truth and gives you a dare to complete. If you dare complete any of these dares, send us a DM @onenightapp with proof, and we’ll give you a code for $25 off a stay in Chicago. If you complete all dares, we’ll cover one stay for free!


TRUTH: One of the first things you see in the hotel is a 30-foot poem wall that features quotes from poet Marcel Proust.

DARE: Read all quotes backward.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 4.22.28 PM.png


TRUTH: Our bar gathers inspiration for our artisanal cocktails from around the globe as well as from music and popular culture.

DARE: Discover one of these references hidden in our menu, take a photo with the item you order, and explain the reference.

Cardi B(oulievardier)
Photo Courtesy of The Freehand Chicago


TRUTH: The rooftop igloos are set to keep you, and your potential lovers, warm throughout the winter.

DARE: Have a first kiss, second date, or propose to your sweetheart in one of them!

The Godfrey Hotel Chicago Rooftop Igloo
Photo via The Godfrey Hotel Chicago


TRUTH: The J. Parker bar features cocktails inspired by 8 different countries that will transport you to some mysterious lands.

DARE: Pick a cocktail and uncover it’s geographic location based on the name. Then, try and order it in the native language of its inspirational origin!

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 10.18.03 AM.png


TRUTH: The Longman & Eagle bar hosts one of the city’s only Japanese Hoshizaki highball machines. It carbonates soda water to 1.5 times the level of champagne and serves the drink up icy cold.

DARE: Drink a highball and chase it with a shot of one of their vintage whiskeys.


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