What To Do In Miami If You Don’t Want To Just Eat And Drink All Day

Ah Miami, the beautiful beaches, all white interiors, and, of course, tropical cocktails. It’s an adult playground, a fantasy land, and quite literally the physical embodiment of that saying: the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. Because let’s face it, it’s Miami, and more likely than not you are there to get wasted, waste time, and hopefully eat somewhere in between.

If you’re the one outlier in your crew that wants to actually, you know, experience Miami, then this list is for you. From activities to burn off the extra tequila intake to cultural explorations that will give you something to talk about at your next meal, here’s our take on what to do in Miami if you don’t want to just eat and drink all day.

Art, Art, Art

A light day of gallery and museum hopping? Yes, please. Our favorites are the Perez Art Museum Miami, Margulies Collection, Locust Projects, ICA and de la Cruz Collection. Or you could just go to the outdoor, free, street-art gallery that is Wynwood.

de la Cruz Collection
de la Cruz Collection

Calle Ocho

Trade in your food and beverage vices for Cuban cigars and bets on nail-biting domino sessions in Little Havana. A stroll down Calle Ocho is filled with limitless surprises, from a friendly neighborhood hog at the local fruit and juice shop, La Pinarenos Fruteria, to games in Domino Park, cigars at Little Havana Cigar Shop and live music at Ball & Chain.

Splash Around

If dining al fresco amidst oceanfront views has you longing to actually get in that water, do it already! American WaterSports South Beach has jet skis waiting for you in the scenic South Pointe neighborhood.

Add To Cart

Miami is one of those cities that if you look hard enough, you’ll find wares and treasures that no one else will have. Eco-friendly trends? Find them at Antidote Shop. The absolute cutest homewares? They’re at Mrs. Mandolin. Vinyl records you never knew you needed? Go to Sweat Records. Free books in Wynwood? Hello, Bookleggers.



For some, if it doesn’t involve toxins, it should involve detoxifying. There’s no better place to sweat your sins away than at the hydrotherapy playground that is The Standard Spa, Miami Beach. A little hammam, a little plunge pool, a little roman waterfall, you get the picture.

Get Some Air

Perhaps water just isn’t your thing, which does beg the question why you’re in Miami in the first place, but luckily for you, we’ve got some advice. See the city by air on a South Beach Helicopter tour. Don’t worry, it is as Instagrammable as you’re imagining.

South Beach Helicopters
Photo from @southebeachhelicopters

Feel The Burn

Since you’re probably going to be half-naked during your Miami stint (or life) you might want to think about getting a little work out in. Miami isn’t about those traditional, closed off gyms with anxiety-inducing machines. Here, we do things like SUP yoga, Deco Bike rides, and activities like kayaking and sailing at Shake-A-Leg Miami.


One does not go to Miami to find art house cinema that transports you to your French romance fantasies come true, but if one happens to find it at Miami Beach Cinematheque, well then one should consider themselves quite lucky.


Without booze (or with) you might need some extra entertainment. We have one simple solution: Microtheater Miami. In a nondescript parking lot in the Downtown area, you’ll find converted shipping containers that have become stages for small, intimate plays. You’re welcome.

Balls, Pins, Ice

When all is said and done, you still want to have a little more fun. It’s been a long enough time that bowling is retro and cool again, so take yourself and your crew for a session at The Basement. What do ya know, they have ice skating there too.

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