24 Hours in Los Angeles

It can be tempting to fall into the laid-back, easy-going nature that flows through that crisp California air. We know the feeling, we’ve been victims of it too, but we also know how much there is to see in the City of Angels. We don’t want to ‘cramp your style,’ if you will, but just in case you decide you want to leave the beach and explore more, we’ve given you 24 hours of options plus a map to help you get there.

6AM: What’s The Point?

The point is a beautiful sunrise that will take your breath away when you hike Point Dume, with scenic routes that overlook coves of crystal blue waters and white sand beaches of the Pacific Coast.

7AM: Just Gjusta

The only way we can justify being up at 7am is if we’re first in line for a ham and egg sandwich at Gjusta, and artisanal bakery in an Instagram-worthy space with special breads baked on-site.

Gjusta LA
Photo via @gjustabakery

8AM: Mmmmmorning!

Rise and shine, there’s nothing like starting your day eating smoked salmon and avocado hummus in the modern, barn-like setting that is Farmshop at Brentwood Country Mart. Love what you ate? Shop organic fare in their curated market.

9AM: Locals Only

Sure, LA is known for their hikes, but only locals know Los Leones, a scenic trail that weaves up a lush canyon just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean at Topanga State Park.

10AM: Art Is

Anything you can get away with. Explore the boundaries of contemporary art at The Broad, LA’s most impressive new museum.

11AM: Shape Up

Prep for a sinfully spontaneous diet with a spin class at Soulcycle or yoga session at Y7. Don’t worry, we’ll have drinks later.

12PM: Since 1917

Grand Central Market has been a foodie haven with varied vendors for 100 years. Stop by Eggslut for a slutty Gaucho Burger to-go.

1PM: Freekeh and Flaky

Freekeh polenta and flaky bread are only part of the magic that is Kismet, a minimalist, Mediterranean, Los Angeles mainstay. Lunch is served!

2PM: Hot In Here

One of the more upscale spas in K-town, Beverly Hot Springs is conveniently built on top of a natural hot-spring. Come here to detox before tonight’s retox.

Beverly Hot Springs
Photo by @beverlyhotsprings

3PM: Treasure Hunting

You never know what treasures you might uncover at Squaresville, a locally adored vintage store on Vermont Ave in Los Feliz. A pitstop by the nearby Bru coffee bar for an afternoon pick-me-up is a must.

4PM: We All Scream

We’ll take two scoops of salted, malted, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and every topping they’ve got at Salt & Straw in the ever so cute Larchmont Village.

5PM: Whip It

Whipped Eggplant, tuna crudos and all the white wine your heart desires over sunset and waterfront views at Elephante.

6PM: Inspired Plans

Watching the sunset amidst artworks by all of your favorite contemporary artists at LACMA will leave you feeling inspired. Or if that doesn’t do it, the drinks should!

7PM: The Bestia

You don’t have to venture to Italy to get fine Italian fare, you can get the best of it at Bestia. Order the gnocchi al Pomodoro and gorgonzola pizza!

8PM: Hush Hush Sushi

A true local Santa Monica secret, Sushi King is quaint, well-priced, no-frills and filled with all of your favorite fresh fish.

9PM: Do You Believe In Magic?

Find your way into Magic Castle, where you can catch dinner and mingle amongst magic enthusiasts in a Victorian members-only mansion above Hollywood.

10PM: No Name

If you find yourself at No Name, an ultra-exclusive venue with modern American bites and cocktails, you might get lucky with an impromptu music performance by emerging and famed talent alike.

12AM: Good Times

Enter through a fridge, make your way around the era-appropriate garage sale decor, and it’ll be only Good Times at Davey Wayne’s, a funky 70s style bar with killer cocktails and an Airstream out back.

1AM: Sing Along

Let one too many drinks lead you into song at Tokyo Beat, an unpretentious karaoke spot in Little Tokyo where no one will judge your less than pitch-perfect performance. Or almost no one.

2AM: The Kids Are Alright

Tucked away in a classic Hollywood strip mall, you’ll enter Adults Only through a corridor lined with ‘adult’ VHS tapes, movie posters and small TVs. Once you get inside, you’ll find a screening room and casual bar with always trendy crowds.

Adults Only LA
Photo by @adultsonlybar

3AM: Very Berri’s

You, a rotating selection of celebrities, and everyone else who is hungry at 3am will find themselves at Berri’s eating lobster pizza or any of their other delicious Mediterranean offerings.

4AM: Hello, Carbs

Need a late night fix to go? We’ve got you covered. Or sorry, Western Bagel has you covered with flavors like Strawberry, Onion Cheddar, Everything, and more.

5AM: Rise and Ride

5am might seem like a strange time for a bike ride or stroll, but it’s practically the only time you’ll have the Venice Beach Boardwalk all to yourself. Plus, you’ll get a front row ride for the sunrise.

Venice Beach Sunrise
Venice Beach

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